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The Big Ideas Homelessness Network

About the network


The Big Ideas Homelessness Network is a community collaborative steering group made up of representatives from the community and agencies who have an interest in ending homelessness in Newcastle and the Hunter region.

The network is facilitated by Compass Housing Services.

Why a network?


In March 2017, Compass Housing Services hosted a public event in Newcastle, Ending Homelessness: The Big Ideas, where a group of speakers presented to the community on existing concepts to end homelessness in our region.

The network was formed to continue the momentum.  

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The Big Ideas Homelessness Network is now meeting regularly to identify the key challenges faced by people experiencing homelessness and the agencies that support them. Current topics include mental health services, the role of the business community and longer term housing solutions.

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Pledge to End Homelessness

The story

The human right to adequate housing was enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.  More recently, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (2015) and the New Urban Agenda (2016) have placed the right to housing at the centre of their objectives to ensure that ‘no-one is left behind’ and that we create ‘cities for all’.

Homelessness has become the clearest expression of inequality and poverty in Australia and the UN goal to eradicate poverty cannot be achieved without eradicating homelessness.

The pledge

Individuals, local businesses, community groups and government on all levels can contribute to achieving an overall goal of providing permanent, affordable housing and the support that people need to create and keep a home.

The Newcastle and Hunter Ending Homelessness Pledge is an opportunity for individuals and organisations to join with a collective objective to end homelessness in the region.  

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Homelessness in Newcastle and the Hunter region is not an intractable problem – it can be solved.

Every business, agency, neighbourhood, and resident, has a stake in preventing homelessness and supporting people who experience homelessness.